Picking a Domain/Company Name

So it’s come to the time to pick your company’s name but you don’t want to get it wrong, Don’t panic you’re not alone it’s not easy, this is the name that clients will remember you by. If it’s too long they will forget it but if it’s not catchy they will also forget it. You also don’t want to use someone else name and then in a few months be asked to change your company’s name. Another thing to think about is the price of your domain name, some domain names are premium for example I wanted to call my website PWD but that domain name would have cost me just over one thousand pound but using Precious Website Designs only cost me .99p thank you to godaddys special offer.

Short & Sweet

In your company name try and use at least one of your keywords, for example let’s say you’re a builder you could be called builders in medway and this would give your clients an instant idea of what you do and if your keyword in your website is builders you know have a nice SEO boost. Another thing to consider is your email address do you really want to tell people to email you on admin@abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.co.uk or admin@shortandsweet.co.uk, the last one is easier to remember and your clients will remember it a lot easier as well.

Think of Everyone

Not everyone is spelling major in life and you should really cater to that need, just because you can spell it doesn’t mean anyone else can. When I created my name I asked friends and family to spell it first to see if they all spelled it correctly and 9 out of 10 could so I went ahead with this name. Let’s say for example you company name was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious can you spell that I can’t, try and keep it short but something your clients can spell, you don’t want to lose business because your name is to complicated do you?


Now this one may seem silly but trust me it can be over looked, Don’t copy someone else name It’s an ethical thing don’t copy someone’s name; they have worked hard would you want someone doing it to you? My next thing is make sure a term isn’t trademarked, I only learnt about this after watching dragons den, a guy went in promoting his idea of the Iglove and he was shot down because apple also uses the term I in all of the products the dragons told him all it took was one letter from apple and that’s it he had to change his name so look out for this one all and don’t get stung.

Future Proof

Is your name future proof, you could spend years building up your reputation only to find in 10-20 years’ time the name you loved and built is now your undoing, its not a nice thought is it? Before you decide make sure to think is there any way this name can become different or viewed wrong in some time.