The Easy SEO Guide


Domain Name SEO

The SEO on your website doesn’t stop at just your content, it also includes your domain name for your website. Crazy isn’t it really to think your domain name can affect how easy it is to be found on search engines. Let’s say for example your website is but you are a website designer google won’t notice the domain name because it’s got none of your keywords in. On the other hand, say your website is google will notice your keyword is in your domain name and show you on google. There is an exception to this you could have, this will show on google because in your domain name you have your keywords. There is a handy way of making your website show on google a lot more often than not, what you can do is make pages inside your website for the location you are focusing on. Let’s say you want to focus on London, what we can do is make a subpage saying Website-Designer-In-London and then make new content on that page with your new keywords in there for London. What will now happen is when someone googles Website Designer in London you will show up on the page because

  1. The keywords are in the domain name.
  2. Your page is filled with your keywords.

This is one of the easier ways to get your site to show up on google as many times as possible. If you don’t believe me google Website Designer then Google Website Designer in London, Is the same person at the top of your search?


Keyword SEO

Another good SEO way is keywords, this one is quite easy. Set your meta tags in the header of your website as so <meta name=”keywords” content=”Then any of your keywords you would want to rank for>. Ok let’s say you want to rank high on google when people search for builders, what you would do is put your keyword in your meta name as Builders then make sure in the content your wright it has a natural amount of the word builders in, also make sure in the headers of the page it shows builders as well. You can have as many keywords as you would like but make sure your keywords don’t look spammy so don’t put to many references of the keyword in your site as google will frown upon that and it will not rank you well.


Back links

Before we go into this the most important thing to remember is its not down to the amount of back links you have but its more to do with the quality of the back links. For example, if I had one really high PR rank back link say google mentioned me in a post, that would rank me higher on google then if a low PR blog website mentioned me. I will go over PR ranks in a later post for you guys and girls but a quick google search will produce a lot of content on PR (Page Ranks). It’s quite easy to produce backlinks, one of the best way is to write articles and get other websites to post your article with a link back to your site on their website or with social media but I will go into that next. The way back links work’s is Google’s spiders will search thousands of websites and that way they know if your website is a good one. Imagine you have hundreds of website linking back to your site google then knows “Hold Up, This Must Be a Good Site If People Link Back” it’s really that simple all.


Social Media

This is one of the easiest ways to increase your SEO ranking and get potential new clients. The best thing is its FREE, it will create a high quality back link for you because 99% of social media websites are high PR rank and allow you to add a link to your website, or you can add a link with every post. With social media make sure you keep active, if your accounts do not have a lot of posts or go dormant for a few months that won’t help your SEO in any way and a lot of your potential clients may think you’re not an active company, but on the other hand if you stay active and communicate with your potential clients they are more likely to come to you when they need work doing because they have dealt with you before and know you are genuine and active.



This is my last bit of gold for you all, Forums it’s one of the easiest ways to communicate directly with a potential clients and increase your SEO ranking. Find a forum within your business idea and sign up, most of them will allow you to update your portfolio and add a link to your website. Then add your website to your post footer to every time you post your website url will show. Wola it’s that simple you know have some nice backlinks to your site. Another good thing is you can communicate with people who want to get the work done or who are having issues and need to some work done, if you can then help them out with their issue who do you think they will come to when they need paid work done? Trust me all this works I’ve had many projects just from helping people of forums and solving their issues.


That’s about it for this section all, make sure to comment or message me if you have any questions.